About Us

The Ohio County Dog Wardens Association (OCDWA) is governed by the Executive Board which consists of five officers and a five member board of directors. The officers consist of the President, Vice President, Past President, Secretary, and Treasurer. The association is comprised of four districts. The Northwest, Northeast, Southwest, and Southeast districts each represented by a Director.

Each Director represents the members within their district and is responsible for communicating district needs at the state level as well as disseminating information at the state level to each member county within their district. One Associate Director position is elected by Associate Members to provide representation to the association’s Associate Members.

OCDWA Objective

The OCDWA objective is to promote effective, efficient, and humane dog control programs for the health and safety of the public and their companion animals. Improve, promote, and obtain education, training, benefits, equipment, and adequate facilities for Dog Wardens and staff.

Develop professional standards and promote certification procedures for Dog Wardens, Deputies and Shelter personnel and to advance the health, comfort, morale, and welfare of all Dog Wardens, their staff, and the communities they serve. Provide liaison with other organizations and groups having related interests, and to exchange information regarding animal control programs.

Educate the public of dog ownership responsibilities, and promote the public’s understanding and cooperation with dog control programs. Provide expertise and guidance pertaining to dog control issues to officials at state, county, and city levels of government while promoting justice and equality in the enforcement of dog control laws.

Assist and appear before legislative bodies for the purpose of giving professional opinions regarding existing and proposed legislation pertaining to dog control functions. Proactively seek passage of legislation that would advance the objectives and purposes of the Association.